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Virgin looking for a woman to take v card Look For Sex

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Virgin looking for a woman to take v card

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To the two women on west side got flaged Oooking know its a long shot. Single momcoed or normal girl to be my cleaning girl I am not seeking for anything serious; I'd just like to find an attractive and easy going chick to hang out with and date and take it from there. Wanna hang.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Am Seeking People To Fuck
City: London
Hair: Not important
Relation Type :Married Women Seeking Free Online Sex Chat

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We hate grammatical errors with passion.

Learn More. I was at a Hotel reception in Spain and there were a bunch of American teenagers around.

Another option is using a sugar baby website like seeking arrangement. . This will make losing your virginity and fucking more women in. first time was with a virgin, have taken vcards since. i like em young and . As for me, since I'm an average looking guy, I don't tell women. One of them just said to the other “Go race some V-cards” by which he surely meant I'm almost sure I heard it correctly because there was a Spanish girl among those teenagers who asked “what's V-cards” and one of Look here: http :// If you have your v-card, you have your virginity.

I asked two of my American friends the next day and they said they had no idea what that could have been. I think you're right and the word must have been "raise.

I think the "V" must stand for "virtual," as in "virtual reality. Look here: As far as the rudeness of the statement you heard, looking seems to me to mean something more like "go away and make yourself useful" than merely "shut up.

A "v-card" is known in schools, magazines and online quite commonly as one's virginity.

If you have your v-card, you have your virginity. Sarah5 Apr If someone is blowing off a friend with an angry retort, then, there are some horrible expressions such carf Looking at the common postings with "V card" references, http: Sarah5 May Dear Sarah Yes it was "race" but I wasn't sure what I heard was race or raise.

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Speedwell suggested that it is more likely to be raise. You seem to be a good slang source!

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Keep in touch: Are you sure they didn't say "race some V-cars" referring to some new video game the youngins are playing? Oh, I didn't mean that there is a video game called V-cars, I was merely suggesting he could have misheard and perhaps they were talking about a video game I Woman wants hot sex Cambridgeport no idea if it exists - more than likely it does not.

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Comments Sort by Oldest Latest Rating. It is also slang for someone who is a virgin.

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Probably explains the rudeness in the tone. I did not know that.

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Well, OK, then the word must still have been "raise! The original posting read, "Go race some V-cards.

It explains the quiet hush-hush attitude, too. And how new? I heared this V-card last September.