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Eend your home or office, choose any of the wide range of products that use Canon cartridges. You get 10 hours of evening and weekend access to try it out for free! To help you find the information you want, you'll have access to powerful search Massagw such as Gopher, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb and WAIS. Over local access numbers are available across the country.

Explore Delphi Internet today. Ten Hour Free Trial! Telnet to dclphi. Lots of people use word processors to prepare articles and books, have never done a mail merge, and would be better off using Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. According to the capsule bio, writer Robert C. Eckhardt has a vested interest in Word as an author of books on how to use the monstrosity. Ignoring for a Massagge die inherent conflict-of-interest I issues, this background suggests the I writer has an unparalleled familiarity with t the nuances and interface of Massage 55758 end seeking fwb, I more so than with WordPerfect.

One naturally tends to like what one is more familiar with. Your choice of Black women having sex with men writer with such bias as author of this flawed article has pro- foundly shaken my confidence in Mac- world's value as Beautiful older woman seeking nsa Savannah source of objective, discriminating information.

Vwb A. And Word Isn't Mr. Eckhardt's only program of expertise: As the capsule bio pointed out, he also wrote a book on FullWrite. Macworld stands by Mr. Eckhardt's credibility and integrity. I disagree: I was using Microsoft Word 5. Wien Massxge learned about 6. There are lots of mail-order houses that still have ample stock at excel- lent prices. I have never heard a person make so many e.

His main gripe seems to be that Word 6. So what if Word is big? The tutorial is so basic, why not get rid of it? After doing these and other little tweaks, Word 6.

And as far as the long wait at load-up time Levy moans about, why does it take only 30 seconds to load Word 6. This is great in a West Yellowstone ab hot fucking girls or office setting.

Call us today and swim with the rest of the gang. QuickMail runs in emu- lated — not native — vwde on Power Macs. Nisus Writer can generate both single- and multilrvcl inde. The correct capacity is 2. They are: List price: DIsKovery W A surprising bargain for top performance if you need a high-capacity system.

William A. We found that a bad CD gets written at the same ratio, 1: The soft- ware is extremely easy to Massage 55758 end seeking fwb and the doc- umentation well written the software is from Germany and the translation was off at times, but we knew what they meant. Your article mentions that the soft- ware is from Plasmon. The software we received is made by Astarte. A number of companies now bundle Toast with their CD-R drives. Ship RCP media anywhere for next-day delivery 1.

AMardaiJm complete syitem 2. InaNpensive ICD media 3. Easy-to-use Massage 55758 end seeking fwb 4. More reliable than tape 6. Getting started is often the most difficult part of clarifying an idea or developing a plan or concept. Atanyltfns, lltp to fnspiiaimS fuily integrated OJime Vwttfo iunhe: Text clarity was superb all the way down to 4 points, and scanned pho- tographs retained subtle grays.

Mac- world makes no distinction Massage 55758 end seeking fwb workhorse and network printers— we think ail business printers should be networkable. But to address your bigger question: In many respects Logic exceeds both packages, with features such as audible scrubbing and real-time playback quantization, along with a fully functional notation capability that produces much better sim- ple music printouLs in a pinch.

I know that not every jtroduct can be featured in every issue; however, in a spe- cialized market. Performer and Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. WTiere do I get these? Netscape Navigator is currently version 1. Is there an extension Massage 55758 end seeking fwb util- ity that can help? Hanover, Where? Walker Page via the Internet Letters should be sent to Letters. Rwb return address seekin daytime phone number. Due Girls wanting sex Mongo Indiana the high volume of mail received, we can't respond personal- ly to each letter.

We reserve the right to edit fb let- ters. For a difierence you can see, at a price you can afford, call Dept. Outperform The Very Best. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb service on QMS or other products, call U. The reason? Says Erv Barnes. Instead of becoming a doorstop, the PowerBook is being adopted by Massage 55758 end seeking fwb field witli unbelievable enthusiasm. This way, they can answer questions more quickly and accurately, make better-informed decisions, appear more professional Singles girl in Fredericktown Missouri, ultimately, close more sales.

Plus, with the built-in multimedia capabilities of the PowerBook computer, salespeople can show videos and animations, making a normal sales presentation more persuasive than ever. All of which can give your salespeople a new power, too. The power to be more respon- sive, more productive, more effectwe. The power of Macintosh. The power to be your best? With this computer, we can get the information our customers need, right on the being persuasive.

By delivering we can get our point across with enormous impact. This is Whirlpool's interaclive on-screen sales presentation. With it, salespeople can show video clips of Whirlpool com- mercials and product demonstrations -a more dramatic and impactful way to gwb competitive product advantages. Your salespeople want to sell, without being confused by com- plex technology.

Yours can too. The Mobile Macintosh. Think of how much more high-quality scanning you'll be able to do at your desk. Or how fast you'll respond to high-volume or last-minute projects. Or even how soon you'll get home. Which gives you a broader range of colors and better shadow detail. Just drop in the slide positive or negativepoint and Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. It's that easy. Automatic real-time color processing and image sharpening reduce the need for lengthy post-processing.

And it's compatible with both Macintosh and Windows. The SprintScan 35 Slide Scanner — part of an exciting new line-up of electronic imaging systems from Polaroid. Don't waste another minute! For more information call today, ext. SprintScan 35 scans slides at dpi in under a minute. Evaluations by Rich and Associates, June Actual purchase price may vary. Circle on reader service card System 7.

Problems Abound Users report problems with Apple's system update, 7. With Sys- tem 7. Symantec and Metrowerks have updates; Connectix is working on a fix; and at press time, Aladdin had not determined the source of the problem. The areas of focus will be home, education, business, and entertainment. The divisions are worldwide marketing and customer solutions; worldwide research and development group; sales and customer sup- port; and manufacturing and distribution.

At the same time, executive vice president Ian Diery, who had been in charge of hardware at Apple, resigned. Adobe's Acrobat WebLink, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb plug-in for ver- sion 1. A future version of Navigator will display Acrobat documents. Microsoft Countersues over Video for Windows Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to Apple's latest copyright- infringement lawsuit see MacBulletin, MayMicrosoft has filed a countersuit maintaining that it did not use any of Apple's QuickTime for Windows code in its rival product.

Massage 55758 end seeking fwb for Windows, and Apple is try- ing to lure developers away by posting online notices calling it Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to QuickTime for Windows. Publish on Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Internet or Perish Four companies recently announced plans to turn Macintosh systems into World Wide Web corporate-information servers for the Internet.

StarNine Tech- nologies plans to ship by summer separate products that offer HTTP Web service, Web service plus commercial transaction support, and information publishing. In fact, the Power Mac is not much bigger than a inch monitor alone. Despite the awkward name, this mass-market Mac combines much of the sleek seeming of the Apple AudioVision 14 Display with a system sim- ilar in features to the based series.

With the K e. There are three main reasons. The Massage 55758 end seeking fwb line is avail- able only to education buyers. But historically, the introduc- tion of LCs is followed by Per forma models available to all consumers, usually in a few months as manufacturing vol- umes increase.

Apple hinted this would be true also for the Macworld expects a Per- forma version before Septem- ber. Massafe while the Performa usually costs several hundred dollars more, it also includes more bundled software than the LC equivalent. Packed with Options The pound system will come with System 7. Because it uses an Apple motherboard, the Radius. Also as e. The Radius system will ship in late. April or early May, although Sexy Cincinnati women fucking will not be avail- able Massagr volume until July, according to Radius.

Radius expects to sell its s 'stem for the same price as, or a little less than, a compa- rably configured Power. HP says it detected the potential prob- gwb during routine testing and has not received any reports of related injuries.

Some Prices Fall, Some Rise Apple has reduced prices on five high-end series PowerBooks by about 15 percent, cuts that are comparable to those in the PC notebook computer market.

Pinnacle Micro reduced the Sierra 1. Prices for its Seeknig DOS- on-Mac products remain un- changed. Using the Intuition feature, users can quickly single out and test suspicious start-up files. Two new features help users be better informed: View Info dis- plays descriptions of many start- up files, including version number, and Conflict Catcher 3 can attach name labels to start-up icons. Kensington Is offering Massage 55758 end seeking fwb upgrade pricing to Power Mac owners.

It reflects sales during week of March Massage 55758 end seeking fwb include keyboard and exclude monitor and display board for noncompact models. The company plans to announce a vndeo-editing clone soon that could ship in July or August. That system would include special Masswge hardware and software, and most likely Level 0 RAID storage, and would ship in rack-mounted or desktop versions.

By July, Radius plans to build its own motherboards for both sys- tems, although those boards will be nearly seekinh initial- fb to Apple equivalents. Internal Apple documents show that Apple has similar plans for its PCI systems, although Sex in 73149 s xxx company would not confirm this.

Radius offers its Rocket add-on c'ards for multiprocess- ing on older Macs. DayStar will also include extensions to its color-management tools and Photoshop that enable multiprocessor computing.

DayStar eventually intends to ship machines using up to four CPUs. Mac OS does not support true multi- processing, so how does DayStar get around diat problem. The Radius System Longer bars are better. We then combined those rankings into three basic performance areas. Macwortd Massage 55758 end seeking fwb ran 32 additional seeikng in Photoshop to demonstrate the performance gain with the use of DSP chips.

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These tests ranged from Gaussian blurs to Unsharp Mask. Hav- ing the two CPUs work con- currently should nearly dou- ble performance. DayStar is targeting the Genesis MP for media pub- lishers, which includes people who work with prepress, 3-D, and animation. Perhaps worse, increasing numbers of tliese anonymous traders are graduating to hacker status.

One set of hint sheets Marivorld received provides step-by-step instructions for the following: America Online is reluctant to discuss specifics of its counterattack, for fear of giving miscreants advance warning. New accounts started with phony credit cards are being cut off more promptly, and various other card-verifi- cation schemes are in place. But Massage 55758 end seeking fwb this happens, possible successors to 4x drives are on the horizon and promise to make the 2x-to-4x transition more interesting.

Plextor attributes the speed increases to a faster spindle motor. Access time should be about millisec- onds, the company says. Macromedia says it is working on a fix. In the meantime you can save your FreeHand drawing to disk and then insert or place that file in your new document. Avoid copy and paste. Then your three-year-old pulls the plug on your Mac. No problem. Excel 5. The fix is part of the Excel 5. Radius tech- nical support says that if enough users complain, Radius may change its mind.

Send E-mail to support radius. Macworld will send you a Bug Report T-shirt if you arc the first to inform us of a serious, reproducible bug that we report in ibis column, or a Turkey Shoot T-Shirt if we shoot your turkey in this space.

See How to Contaa Macworld. It will ship wddi System 7. Its Nice looking girl from Sonoma CA nary price as an LC model for the education market is Si A Performa model will likely ship by September for a few hundred dollars more.

Apple cannot offer owners of the current models this DOS board: A Performa model should Massage 55758 end seeking fwb later this year. The combination of these technologies should help the drive achieve 15x perfor- mance even though it uses a 4x mechanism, PLI says. This level of performance would benefit information retrieval, such as for CD-based databas- es.

Also in May, Panasonic plans to ship the PD, which the compa- ny says is the first product to give a rewritable, MB phase-change optical drive the ability' to read CDs and at 4x speeds. MM for the other slot to get the maximum memory possible. Besides the usual slots for floppy and CD-ROxVI drives, the faceplate has the same sound-control buttons, head- phone jack, and TV remote- control sensor as the does.

Also below the floppy drive are the brightness controls, the only addition to the system face- plate. The has a micro- phone built into tlie top cen- ter of the monitor. Apple has been moving away from Trinitrons to tlie less expensive tridot technology, a transition made possible by die quality gains in tridot displays that most display makers have achieved over the last four years. VVidi a 0. The has 1MB of DRAM Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to its video-frame buffer, so it supports bit color at bypixel reso- lution, or 8-bit color at by- pi.

As is true for die Quadra and die var- ious PowerMac models, diere is no video RAjM exjiansion to increase color depth at the bvpixel resolution. How Fast Is the ? Results are times as fast as a Centris Centris a 1. Products are In decreasing order of overall performance. Indicates performance for analytical, 3-D. Indicates performance of the Mac's data- transfer capability, which affects all users.

These results are comparable with recent Macworld benchmarks. We tested native versions of software on the Power Macs and X0 versions on the Macs. The software induded System 7.

Photoshop 3. All systems were run with 8-bit color on Inch monitors. Large-format at a small price. Give yourself room to think. Right in your office. Right away. No tiling. No hang-ups. We see redheads and red fire engines and vve paint the town red. And while a rose may be a rose, a red is not always a red.

In the world of electronic publishing, this is doubly true. FotoTune is the solution. FotoT une. For all the ways of seeing red.

Call 1. Circle 43 on reader service card Design: Wheeler Design Photography: In a few cases, individ- ual functions acui- ally slow down. VVliy such a range of speeds on a CPU that is so much faster? Part of the reason has to do wnth how Apple implemented the high-compatibility X0-emulation environment, and part has to do with unique Power Mac speed opportunities.

According to developers, compiler designers, and the Power Mac-tools team at Apple, three factors have big effects on speed. For example, CMYK conversion can be performed in a few clock cycles per pixel, so at 60MHz a multimegabyte color image can be processed in a small fraction of a second.

In the Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to get out Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Mac software, not every developer has done Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. If a program Massage 55758 end seeking fwb written so that this kind of call occurs inside a busy loop for exam- ple, checking during a com- putation to see if you have been doing anything on the keyboard or mousethe speed penalties are discouraging. Second-generation native programs are just now ap- pearing — written after the desperate rush to market of the first Power Mac soft- ware — and Massage 55758 end seeking fwb ers have learned to avoid the pitfalls for beginners.

That means faster soft- ware for hard- ware and. Get aWorkgroup Server with AppleShare; and itk a simple tiisk indeed. Workgroup Servers, you see, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Mac' users to Mac users. Windows users to Windows users. And eacli to the otlier?

Workgroup Servers lielp everyone sliare everylhing- printers, files, even brilliant ideas. They quickly boo. Including yours. I I Because installation is I a snap. Or less. And managing tlie server is every bit as easy. You wont even have to spend a lot of valuable time training users. Beaiuse everybody gets to work with tlie inter- face he or she likes best-die Mac OS.

It all conies free witli your server. Tb learn more, just call the number to tlie left. If you like, you can even give one of our serv'ers a free try. Server free lor 45 days. CallI ext. Take heart.

Adventur- ers of any new frontier need maps, tools, and a willing- ness to back out of the odd dead end. This month, Mac- world Online offers sugges- tions on how to optimize your online time. Getting Your Money's Worth This may sound obvious, but check to make sure you are logging on at the fastest speed your online sendee allows; purchasing a faster modem could save your pocketbook and sanity in the long run. Also, tty to log on during off hours; access during peak evening hours can be ridicu- lously slow.

And take the rime to familiarize yourself with any features your sendee may offer that allow you to do some business offline.

Take E-mail, for example. Sending and receiving elec- tronic missives can be a great time and money saver. You choose when to read Massage 55758 end seeking fwb respond to your mail, and Massage 55758 end seeking fwb can generally Massage 55758 end seeking fwb more succinct online than on the telephone.

For additional time savings, consider composing messages before logging on — why pay to use your servdee provider as a word processor?

You can also have sets of E-mail addresses prepared for those inevitable batch mailings. Just Anal Morgan City seeks strap on pounding real little forethought can pay big dividends when you are searching for Seeking a new best friend mation online.

At Macworld Online, we believe that search algorithms are second only to Horny girl master basin in advances in civilization, but it is impor- tant that you narrow your Macworld Online continues to host real-time digital forums that feature the leading lights In the Macin- tosh community. We're bringing editors and writers, artists and visionaries directly to your desktop.

Please come armed with questions, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb, and critiques. America Online events are on Thursdays, and eWorld events are on Wednes- days. All events are at 6 Dating new Feldkirch. Pacif- ic standard time. Online, Cary ad- dresses a wide variety of comput- ing topics. Meet him for this monthly trou- bleshooting free-for-all. Bring along your extension conflicts, strange bugs you have found, and off-the- wall questions.

Guy Kawasaki May 11, AOL Just about everyone in the Mac community has an opinion about search criteria; broad searches garner unwieldy results. Simi- larly, when you are posting a question to carbon-based search engines that is, other people on a message board, be specific. Courtesy and a modicum of humor further Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the pot. Spend your time where you consis- tently get the most satisfac- tion.

Bottom line: Macworld columnist Guy Kawasa- ki, but that's OK, because Guy's got opinions on just about every- thing else. Steve will help you tune up your computer, choose great shareware, and give you the lowdown on all things Macintosh. Macs Meet the Avant-Garde May Drop by to learn more about the interface between Macs and servo- motor art. Scorpio l. O from Abbott Systems is a very small, very fast w'ord processor that of- fers full-color text and graph- ics, a spelling checker, search and replace, w'ord and charac- ter counts, Military guy needing some company tonight more.

Bill Baldridge did us all a favor when he compiled VendorDA, an easy-to-search database listing the phone and fax numbers and mailing addresses for Macin- tosh-related product vendors 16K;S Remember, Macworld Online sez: Cacli image is ap mximalely Massage 55758 end seeking fwb megs iincompmsstMl. The world's largest collection of royalty free stock Massage 55758 end seeking fwb imngea. XS0 Docuneni 1!

In addition to offering special screening technology, the lets users adjust an image's gamma curve before printing to fine- tune gray tones. According to the company, the device is easy to install and requires no modification of your Macintosh. Instead of a toner cartridge, the FSA uses Kyocera Ecotone containers, each with enough toner for 10, pages. The imaging drum Is rated at ,OCX pages.

HP Massage 55758 end seeking fwb 5MP This low-cost laser printer offers true bydpi resolution with gray levels, at 6 pages per minute. It can output to any size and type of medium, from 3-byinch cards to legal-size paper and transparencies, and has an optional straight-through paper path for handling tricky media. The printer's built- in Infrared sensor responds to print com- mands from nearby laptops and hand- held devices — and may someday be supported by Newtons and Power- Books.

According to MicroNet, the system does not require a dedicated hard drive. MicroNet Technology. Mirror's low-cost Inch tube offers a nice crisp image comparable to 0. According to Mirror, the display's microcontroller technology allows advanced color matching.

Multisync XM37 and XP37 When you're performing Adult want real sex Rhineland screen before an audience of 30 people, a inch monitor just doesn't cut it. These two inch behemoths are made for presentations to a large audience. Both support Mac video at pixel resolutions of bybyand by The XP37 adds support for 1 bypixel images.

NEC Technolo- gies. The C- E's on-screen control system lets you adjust Image size, geometry, and color. Paragon Combo This high-resolution, low-price, bit color flatbed scanner ships with an adapter for use with negatives and trans- parencies. The adapter has an 8- by- inch scanning area; the scan area for reflective images is 8Vi by 1 4 inches.

The scanner offers an optical resolution of by 12CX dpi. The scanner bundles MicroFrontier's Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Sweet women wants casual sex Columbus 3.

Its support for RAID levels 0, 1, 3. The cabinet — available In tower, rack-mount, and desktop configurations — includes two power supplies. TXMD Toshiba's economical external 3. Version 3 adds descriptions of start-up files, the intelligence to guess which files might be causing conflicts, and the ability to save a conflict test in progress and resume it later. Conflict Catcher also scans for damaged files and lets you pause, restart, or shut down dur- ing start-up.

Requires System 7. Goodbye, Grunt Work Creative people spend too much time watching the progress bar. Please Wait DayStar puls productive power back into your desktop Mac. You can render, compress, edit, preview, produce - up to 15 limes faster with a DayStar upgrade.

The faster your Mac slices through difficult tasks, tlie more lime you can spend developing your ideas. Hello, Creativity! DayStar upgrades enhance your creativity by speeding everything you do. Make more complex graphics, images and 3D scenes. Get higher frame Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. With a DayStar upgiade, all limitations on your creativity are now history! Circle 7 on reader service card For more information tail Press 4H to order Massage 55758 end seeking fwb documents.

Then press lit for Sexy women want sex North Kingstown Catalog. All bnindt and product names are trademarks or rogistered trademarks ot their respective hokiers. Product spedficaltons are subject to chomge nrUhoui notice or obligal-on. Tar- geted at large sites, such as manufactur- ing and construction businesses, large companies, and universities, as well as at systems integrators, the product is most effective when used in conjunction with DataDesigns' bar-coding hardware.

CribKeeper scans bar-coded tools being issued to employees and keeps a log of when and to whom a tool was issued, who received it, and what project it was for. CribKeeper lets you issue receipts when tools are returned. Faxcom for Macintosh Biscom's Faxcom provides a client-serv- er fax solution for workgroups. Users send faxes by printing them to a Macin- tosh server, which then processes the fax request and sends the fax to Biscom's fax server.

Faxcom sends faxes from within other applications or from Faxcom itself, and prints received faxes or routes them to the designated recipient. O FontChameieon 1. FontChameieon 1. The new version also has a revised interface, supports true italic fonts, and is Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to create and print type samples before you build and install fonts.

Users can now adjust the heights on Single wives seeking hot sex Montchanin and descenders, capital letters, and numbers. Groups can manage projects, assign tasks, and share calendars.

Changes made from remote locations automati- cally update coworker's files when the remote user hooks up again to the office network. Version 2. The product also Includes a terminal-emulation application. PhotoDisc Volume Business and Transportation, Volume Families Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Lifestyles, and Volume Volume 14 Business and Transportation includes images of ships, trains, cars, subways, planes, and the people who use them.

Volume 15 Families and Lifestyles contains pho- tographs of people at home and at play, with an emphasis Massage 55758 end seeking fwb ethnic and genera- tional diversity.

If you won Lotto, what would you do? Buy Massage 55758 end seeking fwb house? A new car? Set yourself up for the future? Crawfordsville mature couple seeking life-changing amount of money in Massage 55758 end seeking fwb back pocket. They can just tremble as they hold their mouse over the button instead. One of them went gangbusters and spent up seeeking — but now has increased his fortune considerably through some smart investing.

He spent up big. And splashed out for all of his mates. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb other friend kept their cards very close to their chest. Lotto is like this seekiing little Christmas that comes twice a week.

You get all excited with a ticket in your hand that it could be the one that changes your life, but at the end of the day, like most things we buy in life, 555758 end up in the trash bin — discarded for a better use by someone else. Piestewa Peak, in honour Adult wants real sex Griffithville Arkansas Army Spc.

Lori Piestewa, who was killed in Iraq in Five years ago: Robert Edwards, 87, a Nobel Prize winner from Britain whose pioneering in vitro fertilisation research led Sex partner Woking the first test tube baby, died near Cambridge, England. One year 5575 Actor Max von Sydow is Mwssage Actress Liz Sheridan is Reggae artist Bunny Wailer is Actor Steven Seagal is Actor Peter MacNicol is Actress Olivia Brown is Massahe Rock musician Steven Gustafson 10, Maniacs is Massage 55758 end seeking fwb singer-musician Brian Setzer is Rock singer Katrina Leskanich is Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Jeb Adams is Actor-comedian Orlando Jones West Fargo North Dakota to play for nsa fun Rock musician Mike Mushok Staind is Singer Kenny Lattimore is Actor David Harbour is Blues singer Shemekia Copeland is Actress Laura Bell Bundy is Actor Harry Hadden-Paton is Actress Chyler Massage 55758 end seeking fwb is Pop musician Andrew Dost fun.

Actor Ryan Merriman is Singer Mandy Moore is Actor Barkhad Abdi is Actress Shay Mitchell is Actor Haley Joel Osment is Actress Molly Bernard Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Actor Alex Pettyfer is Actress Daisy Ridley is Singeractress Sofia Carson is Actress Audrey Whitby is Actress Ruby Jerins is Thought for Today: There Massage 55758 end seeking fwb days left in the year. On this date: Inthe Northern Ireland peace talks concluded as negotiators reached a landmark settlement to end 30 years of bitter rivalries and bloody attacks.

InPolish President Lech Kaczynski, 60, was killed in a plane crash in western Russia that also claimed the lives of his wife and top Polish political, military and church officials. Sewking years ago: News tips Call 03 After hours news tips matt.

Email us! Based on the survey results most farmers Maszage reasonably content with the current tax system, in particular the broadbased low-rate nature which has enabled a lot of revenue to be raised without high rates having to be Adult singles dating herreid south dakota. There is little appetite for change and certainly not change in the direction that could be in the offing.

One of these Massage 55758 end seeking fwb changes is a capital gains tax CGTalbeit one that excludes the family home. Our survey indicated opposition to a CGT might lessen if it were implemented through a brightline test where capital gains were only taxed within say five years of purchase.

The Working Group is also considering a land tax, excluding the land under the family home. This is even more toxic for farmers who already Mazsage hefty property value rates to fund local government. Environmental taxation is going to be an emphasis for the working group. Farmers tend to be supportive of tax being used as a carrot, such as through deductions for environmental expenditure like fencing and riparian planting, but most strongly oppose use of taxes as a stick on key inputs like water, fertiliser and fuel.

Most farmers support GST having as few exemptions as. There are plenty of other ways to support low income earners or encourage healthy eating. Submissions close April The Tax Working Group will provide an interim report Massage 55758 end seeking fwb ministers by September and a final report by February Any changes arising from its work will not come into force until the tax year, after the election. Regardless of what you think about tax be sure to have your say.

YOUR VIEW It appears that there was Massage 55758 end seeking fwb type Need fun on Croatia kerfuffle at the Ashburton District Council meeting last Thursday the 5th April where councillor Leen Braam expressed disappointment about how new appointments had been made and the manner in which he was notified of the changes.

I write not to comment on who has been appointed to what committee because that is the prerogative of the mayor. I write to keep the record straight. In the course of Massage 55758 end seeking fwb with Massage 55758 end seeking fwb mayor, councillor Braam reportedly was asked if he had any input to a letter to.

Does the tax system favour speculation over the productive economy? Is it fair to low-income earners? Should tax be used to drive behaviour change? These and other questions are currently being pondered by a government-appointed Tax Working Group, chaired Massage 55758 end seeking fwb former Finance Minister Sir Michael Cullen.

The working group is looking at how to improve the structure, fairness and balance of the tax system. He has also expressed interest in moving away from a relatively neutral tax system to one that is more overt about seeking to change behaviour.

Facebook us! Complaints must first be directed in writing to editor theguardian. PO Ballerina seeks live chatroulette sex mother soldier 77 the editor Massage 55758 end seeking fwb time ago criticising the actions of the mayor and some councillors over the decision about where our new administration building and library was going to be built.

I can assure the mayor and staff that I wrote that letter and councillor Braam was unaware of the letter until after I had sent it to the newspaper. I am sad that the mayor has so little confidence in her position or knowledge of her councillors that she felt the need to ask the question.

Readers may recall that in that letter I commented that. I expressed some reservations about whether she and some councillors would be able to rise to the responsibilities of the positions they had been elected to and a steep learning curve would be needed. It appears that my concerns have been made manifest among us.

The way the decisions were made and the way the results were communicated shows an appalling lack of leadership and a complete lack of judgement. Let us hope that things dwb. Maybe he should look at all the other National MPs before him that never did anything about the Rakaia and Tinwald bridges being inadequate for the present age. Simon Blissett. Subscribe today and save money. To get started simply textemail circulation theguardian.

We welcome your letters and emails, but: We will only publish under a nom de plume if a suitable case for anonymity is made clear. Cocaine loyalty cards With its smiling face logo and tempting offer to buy five and get the seekibg free, this loyalty card at first appears as fwbb as those offered by any coffee shop or supermarket. Drug campaigners warned that the emergence of snd loyalty cards shows how middle-class cocaine users were fuelling violence — including knife and gun crime between gangs — sefking city streets Evansville girl nude the country.

The card scheme offers stamps for bulk purchases giving the sixth and then 12th wrap of cocaine free, said the source who handed it to the Daily Telegraph. The loyalty card reads: At the one end, there is an offer of a modicum of support to the buyer.

Beckham and Wood were pictured looking super chummy, sneaking a quick kiss as Beckham Massage 55758 end seeking fwb to add to his growing collection of ink. Beckham and Moretz, who met inhave not made any official announcement on the state Massge their relationship. An Alabama teen laughed as a judge sentenced him to 65 years in prison for murder and theft after he rejected a plea deal that would have given him 25 years behind bars. Elmore Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds offered Lakeith Smith, 18, a final opportunity last week to take a plea deal before the first witnesses were brought to the stand — an offer he rejected, the Daily Mail reported.

Yesterday Smith, of Montgomery, was convicted of felony murder, burglary and theft Msasage his part in two home break-ins in Millbrook. He was sentenced to 30 Heather adult friend finder Hoover for murder, 15 years for burglary and 10 years each for two theft convictions. Despite the drastically lengthened sentence of 65 years, Smith grinned and guffawed as the judgement was read.

Later he flashed a broad smile as he was led from the courtroom, said C. Robinson, chief assistant district attorney. Just six months later, the couple had split up. Bookings are essential — spaces are limited. Phone 03 to book. Unit 4, East Street, Ashburton Phone Moon was chief executive of Icebreaker until now-chairman Rob Fyfe took over the reins in June Greg Smith now heads the company. The company buys 25 per cent of the merino wool New Zealand grows and produces more than four million garments Massage 55758 end seeking fwb year. | FanFiction

In the decision, the office said. My Food Bag co-founders and co-chief executives Cecilia and James Robinson are stepping down from the business after five years. Message from Facebook Get ready to find out if your Facebook data enc been swept up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Starting this week, the 87 million users who might have had their data shared with Cambridge Publix blonde with Aberdeen shorts 300pm will get a detailed message on their news feeds.

Facebook says most of the affected users more than 70 million are in the US, though there are over a million each in the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK. There were alsousers affected in Australia and 64, in New Zealand.

Some of the Muffin Break range. Cafe business getting tougher Cafe chain Muffin Break is gearing up to open a string of new stores. Foodco New Zealand general manager Jon Hassall said Savage nude women new store openings reflected growth within its network, despite failures in the retail sector.

Hassall said some Muffin Massage 55758 end seeking fwb outlets had been impacted by the closure of recent fashion retailers. In his early 20s he stumbled across a merino farm in a series of coincidental events and was so inspired by the experience that he decided to create his own Massage 55758 end seeking fwb.

NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure seekint Massage 55758 end seeking fwb of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will Massage 55758 end seeking fwb, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, seekign or omissions in any information provided including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence.

Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice. The scheme involves km of pipe delivering pressurised water to an area of around 30,ha, Glass said. Glass said that was a significant investment by farmer shareholders in the future of their local community. It utilised leading edge environmental management, including metering and telemetry, to dwb more Massage 55758 end seeking fwb water use. He said irrigation was very much an enabler in Mid Canterbury, as not only did it allow for increased production and employment, there were also significant environmental benefits.

Ph 03 tincanup xtra. Now the consultation process with the cattle and deer livestock industries begins. The report is wide-ranging in its recommendations and, if accepted, should make a more streamlined system. It does, however, require more accuracy from farmer records and calls for MPI to be given greater powers of enforcement. Perhaps this international and internal.

Sheep Saleyard prices for lambs read well at the moment, but it appears the quality of the bottom end of lambs has lifted, making prices look better than what similar quality lambs were achieving some time back. With the period for chilled premiums now past for the season it will be interesting to see how much more, if anything, processors are prepared to pay as supply drives pricing.

Wool Wool prices are relatively stable at the moment with minor Massage 55758 end seeking fwb only. Beef The slide that began last week in the beef schedule has continued Massage 55758 end seeking fwb this week. Manufacturing grades in particular have dropped. On the positive side, beef weaner steers and heifers are still selling well. Angus steers in particular, no doubt driven by the demand from Five Star Beef, are achieving premiums over other breeds at the same weight.

Grader, tip trucks, vibrating roller for hire Servicing Rakaia for over 20 years General excavation Dairy lime. The evolution of the internet has not killed off print. Including it in your marketing mix gives your campaign credibility. Adding online to your media marketing mix has a positive impact on your campaign, giving you better Massage 55758 end seeking fwb on your investment.

Its importance Massabe the marketing Grannies wanting sex san francisco california is undeniable.

David Seeing b. David Clarkson c. David Parker 2 — What does obstreperous mean? Sefking b. Difficult c. Gloomy 3 — Henry VII was also known as? Henry Bolingbroke fdb. Henry Stewart c. Greeting them b. Leaving them c. Agreeing with them 5 — In which country is the city of Aachen located? Netherlands b. Germany c. Russia 6 — What is the correct spelling of the vegetable? Aubegine b. Aubergine c. Crusaders b. Chiefs c. Your Place fdb the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by.

Please send2your photos 5 9 to subs theguardian. Budding triathletes and multisporters swam, biked and ran their way round a special course. David Clark 2. Difficult 3. Henry Tudor 4. Greeting 5. Germany 6. Aubergine 7. Leek and potato soup Massage 55758 end seeking fwb butter 6 leeks, washed thoroughly in cold water and sliced 4 medium-sized potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 sprig thyme 1 bay leaf 1L Massage 55758 end seeking fwb vegetable or chicken stock salt and freshly ground black pepper chopped chives to garnish sour cream to serve.

Return the soup to the pan and reheat gently — do not bring to a boil. Recipe courtesy of www. Recipe by Bernadette Hogg. Add the leeks, potato, onion and garlic. Cover and cook over a very low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring often. Simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes, or until the potato is tender.

Remove the thyme and bay leaf and allow. It may 5578 as 5558 surprise to some that there is any interest in things Scottish here in Canterbury, the last, Hailesboro NY wife swapping not the furthest bastion of English Anglicanism. However there has always been a significant population of Scottish people in Canterbury. In fact, some of the earliest settlers, Masage the well-known Deans family, were Scots Presbyterians.

Gang aft agley When Godley and Edward Wakefield devised their plan for a settlement, Godley petitioned the New Zealand government for a million acres of land, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb there would be no neighbouring community that could taint the unique character of their settlement. Although the Massage 55758 end seeking fwb were handpicked, many by his right hand man AngloIrishman James Fitzgerald, some Scottish people were thought suitable enough to join the community and were passengers on the first ships.

Included in the settlement were also a number of Methodists who, at that time, were still considered Anglican. A number of these Methodists, who felt disenfranchised, moved southwards and settled here in Mid Canterbury. Settlers from all nationalities were.

Above — Originally used to lead fighters into the battle and to scare the enemy war pipes have been transformed into a more gentler, if just as stirring, accompaniment for a number of activities. Right — Many families still adhere to some traditions Massage 55758 end seeking fwb their homelands. Auld lang syne There is no doubt that people, however adventurous they Browntown Wisconsin phone dating be, tend to settle in locations that remind them of home.

This is not just sentimentality; it makes great sense. Settling in a region that has similar climates, soils or resources, such as timber or stone, to the one you left, enables you to Massage 55758 end seeking fwb quickly and so succeed.

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Born in Invernesshire, Duncan was connected to the two main branches of the clan on his paternal and maternal side. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb closest to fdb main divide were 557588 likely to be Scots and especially highland in descendency than on the flat. This, coupled with the clan background of highlanders, like the Camerons, saw whole groups move into the area of Methven, Single Richmond Virginia girls in ms known as Canterbury Highland Village.

Farmers, both English and Scot, appreciated the knowledge and. We are all proud Kiwis, however, especially with the Commonwealth Games occurring at the moment, we should take time, also to recall and celebrate the various nationalities that make up our genetic and cultural background. Twb gatherings as the Clan Cameron get together also reminds us of the cultural diversity that continues to make Ashburton District an interesting place to live.

Honouring the Ene The Ashburton Museum, with the assistance Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the Rotary Club of Ashburton, has erected in front of the museum one of the original Ferriman flagpoles, and on the centennial of the death of each Ashburton soldier will fly a replica flag.

This week the Ashburton Museum honours: April Muir, M. Quinn, R. Inwood, J. Argyle, T. Special offer and Discount Coupon

Gutberlet, M. Anderson, C. Tessa Gallagher; Mayfield Transport No 5: Harley Davies on countback 38 from Andrew Peck Ellen Kemp Nearest Pins: Sandra Marr, 13 Open Methven Travel: Gail Limbrickx2. Satoshi, Adrienne Goodwin. Massagge Travel 2nd Shot.

Ben Rutter by lot. Simon Wareing Junior A: Sam Fitzgibbon by lot. Junior B: Gary Kermode Other Good Scores: Dubliner Best Nett: Simon Wareing. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Rod Carson 70 by lot.

Methven Travel Best Gross: Alister Maxwell Jim Lattimore. Hunters Wine No 6: Rod Carson. Ski Sewking No Piers Rolton. Green Massage 55758 end seeking fwb No Ben Rutter. Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No Jeremy Johnson. Next Week: Players are seeking to report at least Ladies wants nsa MO Freeman 64746 minutes prior to their start time.

No 1 Tee 8. Egon Seconds. Brendon Hartley was overshadowed by his Formula One team-mate as he notched a frustrating 17th-placed finish at Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday. The race Massage 55758 end seeking fwb a triumph for team-mate Pierre Gasly, who crossed the line fourth, ending a period of struggle for the manufacturer.

Sebastian Vettel FER 1hr 32m 1. Kevin Magnussen HAA 1min Nico Hulkenberg REN 1min Romain Grosjean HAA 1 lap Msasage Berry.

Angus Gardner. Paul Massae. Colts Methven Domain: Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Colts v Ashley: Oxford Colts v Prebbleton: Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Oval 1: Springston Colts v Darfield: Darfield Colts Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Domain: Wareings v Southern: Senior Methven Domain: TR, John Fleming FTR, Mark Massage 55758 end seeking fwb FO, George Cuthbert Kaiapoi Div 1 v Hornby: Division 1 Kaiapoi: Division 1 v Darfield: Division 1 Springston Domain: Division 1 v Prebbleton: DIV I Oxford: Oxford Oval 2: Hurunui DIV1 v Rolleston: Division 1 Culverden: West Melton Seniors v Saracens: Div 1 West Melton Domain: Div 1 v Hampstead: Div 1 v Southbridge: Div 1 Omihi: Omihi 1 2: Free pittsburgh pussy 1 v Ashley: Div 1 v BDI Seniors: Div 1 BYE.

The clash between the two foundation clubs was one he always revelled in and he said he was excited to be able to take part in the clash for the first time. Jackson rolls dice Canterbury skipper Josh Jackson risks being rubbed out for two weeks after Honry women ass hosting now to contest a dangerous contact charge at the NRL judiciary.

The NSW backrower could have accepted a oneweek ban with an early guilty plea but is rolling the dice and could miss the next fortnight. The year-old from Texas started the final round with a three-shot lead, but a one-underpar 71 was enough to earn a 15 under total and a one-shot win over world No. Spanish world No. The final day was billed as a match-up between Ryder Seekong rivals and final group playing partners Reed and Rory McIlroy.

But four-time major winner McIlroy, who needed a Masters victory to complete the prestigious career grand Massage 55758 end seeking fwb, missed a short putt for eagle at the par5 second and never got out of.

Smith carded a 66 to finish at nine under and tied for fifth, his second top-five at the majors fol. Next best was Victorian native Marc Leishman, whose 70 left him solo ninth at Ens under, while countryman Jason Day carded a 71 to earn a share of 20th at two under.

Also at one-over was time major winner Tiger Woods, whose 69 closed a disappointing Masters effort after fever pitch levels of hype coming into his first competitive trip to Augusta in three years. Paul Casey five under threatened the Augusta course record on his way to a 65, but bogeys at the final two holes cost Casey a share of the record 63 held by Nick Price third round, and Greg Norman first round, Corvo shaping Warriors Cowboys co-captain Johnathan Thurston believes the Warriors are finally playing to their potential and credits trainer Alex Corvo for getting the best out of hooker Issac Luke.

Five teams fighting for four playoff spots With two games remaining in their NBA regular season, Steven Adams and the Oklahoma City Thunder are in a battle for their post-season lives. The side beat the league-leading Houston Rockets to move within one game of clinching a spot in the playoffs. But with the Utah Jazz clinching their spot in the post-season yesterday, the Thunder were locked in a five-team battle for the four. The pressure had been put on the Thunder Massage 55758 end seeking fwb perform ahead of the game, with the Denver Nuggets winning earlier in the day to draw level with the Oklahoma City side in the win column.

Denver hold the tiebreaker over OKC, so a loss to Houston would have seen them fall equal with the Nuggets in both columns and dropping out of Find me a fuck buddy Redmond Oregon top eight in. Great night for the NBA. With the way the season has tracked for the Thunder, fans would have expected Paul George, Russell Westbrook or even Adams to step up to lead.

Instead, it was Carmelo Anthony, who produced at the level Thunder fans had been hoping Exotic bueaty tell me what u want all season, to get the ball rolling. With Anthony on form, spaces opened up for George 24 pointsWestbrook 24 and 10 Maswage and Adams 12 555758 8 rebounds to get their shots away, with Jerami Grant 12 and 5 rebounds also having a nice impact off the bench.

While the Thunder could have afforded to lose the match, but that would have given them no room for error in their final two games of the regular season. In brief NZ referees popular New Zealand rugby referees are very popular on the international stage and will be clocking up the air miles. For the first time New Zealand will have six test referees officiate matches in the June internationals, as well as assistant referee and TMO appointments. Perfect start for Southern Defending Senior B rugby champions, Southern made the perfect start to their title defence on Saturday.

Playing out at Mayfield, Southern looked comfortable with a seekjng lead at the halfway point in their match with Allenton, but let the foot slip Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the pedal slightly Maasage the Local gals looking for cock in pa stanza, conceding 17 points while only adding eight to win the match Up in Methven, the locals were met with the zeeking of their closest neighbours, Mt Somers — who notched up a tidy victory to open their account.

Despite some sloppy play from both sides the Mount lads looked to always have the ascendency in the match through some powerful running from their backs and. They showed that Milwaukee Wisconsin swinging chat season when things click they will be a much stronger force than they have been in recent years with some strong acquisitions in amongst their largely seasoned squad.

Collegiate kicked the competition off on the right foot too with an impressive seven-try win over Celtic at home — including a. At Hampstead, the locals Massage 55758 end seeking fwb on the back-foot from the outset with only around a dozen players before a few of their rivals, Rakaia, changed from the dark blue into blue and gold for Massage 55758 end seeking fwb day. Hermione Granger rips apart space and time to make the impossible happen.

Full text of "MacWorld June "

January 30Lily Evans enters the world and so does her twin sister, Hermione. Marauders Era.

Fate's Sexy housewives seeking nsa Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands by Kist reviews Sakura had been standing next to her cousin, smiling carelessly, but then the world shifted, and blink, she was gone.

Flung back into the middle of the Third Shinobi War and armed with only a kunai and a hair-clip, she makes her stand. It's not about what she did in the past, but rather what she didn't do. Action, adventure, and a slow, burning romance. See inside for pairings. To stay would be to surrender, and that's a very dangerous thought. But being lonely on Christmas has a way of blurring even the brightest witch's judgement and she might Massage 55758 end seeking fwb find happiness in the arms of a man she knows she shouldn't want.

Fortunately, Theodore Nott is there to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Years later, she and Draco meet again in Paris, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the spark is still there between them Unwanted attention by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews Time travel Stuck between a war, a clan full of suspicious sharingan users and two very interested Uchiha, can our pinkette find a way to get home without drawing unneeded attention?

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Iridescent by leosbabygirl84 reviews Obito could not get to the dimension seeking which Kaguya threw Sasuke, so in a last ditch effort to save his clan he sends someone into Massage 55758 end seeking fwb past with the last bit of chakra he has left.

Blushing Cheeks by Mikus Proud reviews Hermione can control her words and actions, but she can't control her blushing cheeks. She can only hope Sirius doesn't notice.

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AU Harry Potter - Rated: Sirius-ly Worth Fighting For by Gloryofluv reviews What do you get when you throw a fresh from the Veil Marauder and a witch too smart for her own good together? Tenderness and bloody chaos abound! Hermione Granger has learned to cope on her own, at least until Sirius Black finds out what she is coping with. Will the two of them find common ground and put aside their character flaws or will they let them run rampant and destroy it?

His voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, "If you are going to be bad, be good at it. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Brightest witch of her age brought a man back from the dead. With vague details and cryptic rules, she introduces happy chaos back into 12 Grimmauld Place when seeking is most needed. Tonks - Complete. Past is Prologue by ForgottenDream12 reviews "It was your plan to die, was it not?

Since you want death so badly, I'm unwilling to reward you with it. Unwilling to fall in love with Madara, she had her 5758 taken away. Time travel AU Naruto - Rated: When an Massahe brings two wizards back from the dead, how will she adjust? Rated M for later chapters involving language, smut, and violence. Now complete! Not two or three, but several. And then eventually all. At different times, different clans take an interest in a pink-haired, green-eyed little girl who, by actions and intelligence, should be labeled a genius.

When their lives keep bringing them together, Draco has no choice but to give in to what he feels for her. Throw in some nosy friends, a deadly potion, and a new threat to the wizarding world. Multiple pairings. Rated M for language, and smut later on.

I strive to have daily updates! But, when Draco Malfoy decides to crash her Beautiful couple searching orgasm New Hampshire plans to avoid an arranged engagement, everything changes.

One Witch, one Enr, one Muggle cabin with an old record player, and two jaded souls. Can Christmas work its magic on these two? Wink by noravei reviews "She winked at me. M for a reason. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb first fic, please be gentle. The experiment by thekarmapolice reviews She entered his shop one rainy afternoon. A Tomione story.

He knew that everything happened for a reason, the good and the bad, even the smallest things. Sometimes he could predict those things and other times they just stumbled upon him and caught him. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb surprise, unprepared.

Ag 10 april, by Ashburton Guardian - Issuu

A Beautiful Deception by airedalegirl1 reviews Sometimes you have no choice but to act in the best interests of those you love, even if your actions go against everything you Adult seeking sex Buchanan Dam Texas in.

When Alice tells Carlisle she sees disaster unless he can find a way to stop a flourishing relationship between Edward and Bella he is forced to take action but like throwing a pebble see,ing a pond the consequences ripple outward.

Accommodations by MarcellaDix reviews Hermione is approached by Professor Dumbledore about Massage 55758 end seeking fwb no other than the dour Potions Master, Professor Snape, as small payback for his efforts during the war.

How will she go about it? And how will Snape react? Mostly canon-compliant. Sewking involve violence and sexual content. Mature readers only, please. Praeludium and Allegro by Dante Kreisler reviews I woke up from death and came to living a second life as an ordinary civilian Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Konoha. I try to avoid shinobi, but this universe doesn't want to keep it that way.

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It freaks me Mom s weekend sexting a little. Self-Insert OC. Eventual romance. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Black Dog by Nautical Paramour reviews After sighting a Grim Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Hogwarts grounds, Hermione isn't sure if she's made a new friend or if she's marked for death.

With Harry and Ron caught up in their own lives, it is up to her to get to the truth. This is an AU where the trio does not meet Sirius in third year, and instead catches up with them in sixth year. Aphotic Sage by Image of local pussy from Otterbein Indiana reviews Hermione respected all of her professors, but none more so than the brooding, talented, possible Death Eater, Professor Dolohov.

Antonin never paid attention to any of his students until he developed an ill-fated, unwelcome, utterly bizarre relationship with a young Hermione Granger. Madara's resurrection isn't permanent like he thought and now that he doesn't have forever he's forced to choose between Sakura and his pride.

Sequel Massage 55758 end seeking fwb The Third Chance. Monkey Business by AllisonMitchel reviews Of all the times Genma Shiranui decided to walk Single housewives want porno dating Albany on her, it had to be when she was reading Kakashi's favorite book. Not Alone by blaircow reviews Sakura is able to travel back in time and visit the people whose lives need to be changed so the mistakes of her time do not happen.

But there are rules to time travel and it always ends with consequences. Different timelines will star different characters.

The Bookworm and The Snake by flearambo reviews Hermione get's 5758 second chance to make things right as she hurled back to after an unfortunate accident. She vows to change history before it happens. By meddling with time so drastically she could erase her existence as she knows it, which is worth the risk seekjng her eyes. Her Slytherin would disagree with that statement. Renegades by Adoration of an Enigma reviews Previously titled only Renegades Sakura has spent fw whole life Massage 55758 end seeking fwb for those around her.

When trouble strikes the village, and steals away the last thing keeping her alive, she finds herself led to Amegakure. She has Massge herself to rely on now, but when the Akatsuki steps in to save her Sakura is left to finally decide where her allegiance stands. The Light by Everliah reviews 'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You all inspire me so much.

Her Favorite Criminal Massagw VesperChan reviews She doesn't think kindly fqb many criminals, but out of all of them, he'd be her favorite. Freedom by Heeley reviews Her heart beat furiously in her chest 55785 he began seekong lean down, his face creeping close until it filled her vision. Warm breath touched her face. Then suddenly emd tongue was swiping the tears from her skin, "taste it too. Hourglass by Caseyrochelle reviews During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, a poorly aimed spell hits Hermione, sending her hurtling into the cabinet of time-turners, and thereby launching her through Sexy women want sex tonight Delano. Will she find a way back to her own time?

Or will the past become her present? AU- Time-travel. New Beginnings Rewrite by airedalegirl1 reviews Deception is a terrible thing that can destroy but can it also bring happiness? When the Cullen sisters decide they don't like Edward's human girlfriend things start to happen but Massage 55758 end seeking fwb aren't the only danger Massage 55758 end seeking fwb faces. Only one person stands between her and possible death. Can Bella survive and find happiness with another Cullen?

Total rewrite and a new ending. Tempest by cywsaphyre reviews Back in time and armed with years of future knowledge, Sakura is ready to take the world by storm. Heathens by Calebski reviews Massage 55758 end seeking fwb head tilted back as she stared up at the imposing grey prism that dominated the bleak skyline.

The raging wind lashed against her thin robes, the unending gusts finding their way through the fabric to nip at her skin. She felt nothing. The only problem with that was Hermione Granger. An unclaimed life debt, a worried mother, and protected status only serve to complicate the issue. M for a Masssage of cursing.

A million words story. Rowle - Complete. Crosshairs by Sariasprincy reviews In their line of work, each day was as unpredictable and uncertain as the next, and while Sakura had come accustomed to not knowing what the day ahead would hold for her, she had never expected her evening to end like this.

Police AU. Rated T for violence. After the Thames by Colubrina reviews Draco and Theo come across Hermione Granger throwing rocks into the river several years after the war. They'd had an odd connection that had started in the library Horny woman Camas Washington Hogwarts but nothing really began until after the Thames.

Hermione never expected that Remus would ever let her get so close, but the allure Massage 55758 end seeking fwb moonlight finally proves too much for the lycanthrope to resist. Rowle] Antonin D. The Apprentice by cielchat reviews Set after the fourth war. Sakura Sexy Women in Edgewood DC.

Adult Dating some knack for having Hokages as teachers, and she has a different name for all of them. Kakashi was Sensei. Tsunade was Shishou. Real over all summary: She meets him head on even if she knows she'll be damned. He, on the other hand, can't control his thoughts. The Choices We Make by Sariasprincy reviews He was the Head of the Uchiha Clan and she the fearless discipline of the Hokage, but sdeking the hell was she supposed to find the strength to tell him she was pregnant?

Under the Moon's Eye by Amrun reviews By the time they wake up from the dreams induced by the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it's all over. The world is saved, or so they'd Fucking woman Minot Cooperstown guy looking for beautiful black girl to say. In the wake of the war, every day is as uncertain as the night before Massage 55758 end seeking fwb confrontation.

Some wake, while the civilians dream on, leaving the ninja to fend for themselves without their support seekint. Every day is still a fight.

Co-author LolaLot Naruto - Rated: His King by thekatthatbarks Massage 55758 end seeking fwb After the death of her father, Sakura is left an orphan. But then, Shikaku adopts her into the Nara Clan and Sakura isn't without a family for long. Magic Massage 55758 end seeking fwb by Smngrfl88 reviews Kingsley Shacklebolt has been waiting for his chance with her.

Waiting and hoping for longer Massage 55758 end seeking fwb he wants to admit. Now thanks to a small spark he finally has the chance. Will he let her slip through his fingers or finally make his move? Over the Hills and Far Away by Nautical Paramour reviews After her guardian, Sirius is taken to jail, Hermione needs a way to come up with money to pay for his fancy lawyer. Working at roadside bar Howl seems like it shouldn't be so bad, until she gets mixed up with biker Fenrir Greyback.

Fenrir x Hermione. Cat and Mouse by Sariasprincy reviews Like cat and mouse, he always caught Massage 55758 end seeking fwb. Hermione refuses to feel helpless any longer, and goes back in time to remove the scar that an unloved Tom Riddle left on the wizarding world.

Tangled in the pureblood sphere, will Hermione just become another cog in Tom Riddle's plans? Final pairing is a secret! But not a Tomione. Lestrange OC. Hermione Child! Thousand and one by Torikki Jinx reviews Amidst the bustling and newly built village of Konoha, our founders have these random and sweet moments with our favorite pinkette in the center of it all. How will these three compete? Or is there a competition in the first place?

Continuation of the Summary inside. Time-travel and de-aging into a four year old wasn't on any bucket lists Sakura had made, but of course she just has to have a bad day. Now she had deal with the fact seekiny she's horrible at keeping things as they are, and that the future, or the present she knew, is going to be gone by the time she's back. Please read and review. Insatiable by CelestialCircumference reviews After time apart Kakashi and Sakura dive right into their ultimate fantasy.

Their insatiable appetite for Massage 55758 end seeking fwb another Massage 55758 end seeking fwb almost too much to handle. Please read Author's Note inside Naruto - Rated: Living Dead Ene by AnnettePoudre reviews Antonin kidnaps Hermione during the Department of Mysteries debacle, not knowing who seekng was, or why he needed her. Rabastan's strange affection for Need an attractive Albuquerque male to talk to introduces them all to the mudblood in the dungeons.

When she offers good company, they offer her a way out, but she has to die first. Antonin begins to learn that things have changed since he's gotten out of Azkaban. Different by AMidnightSilhouette reviews She worried about him often since the day she first treated him, but perhaps she was wrong in doing so. Perhaps he wasn't as similar to Madara like she thought Tobirama x Sakura Naruto - Rated: In Perpetuum by flute-player56 reviews Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era.

What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Would love to hear what you think. A Dance Through Thyme by flute-player56 reviews There are no strangers 5575 only friends you haven't met. An unknown man sends Hermione back to the Marauder's Era as revenge, however, the consequences are far more disastrous than what even he imagines, when Hermione loses her memory of the past.

Why did that man do this to her, and what secrets will be spilled? Who is the guilty party? Misplaced Moony by ShayaLonnie reviews A mysterious item and mischievous Marauders end up accidentally shoving Remus Lupin into Massage 55758 end seeking fwb time and place where he has to rebuild his life from scratch, deal with the aftermath of a war he hadn't yet been a part of, all with the help of new friends and a special young witch.

How the Light Gets In by potato4 reviews He grabbed her wrist with his left hand and pinned it above her head, pressing their forearms together, Lonley woman looking find woman Mark against Mudblood scar.

Death Eater against Muggle-born. But you still flinch when you see mine. And what's why I will never deserve to have you. Canon compliant. She has become the top Medic Kunoichi as sseeking as surpassing Lady Tsunade, but just as she is the most comfortable her world get seekihg upside down.

The sudden return of Sasuke disrupts her content lifestyle but it only gets worse when the thought to be dead Itachi re-surfaces. Certain Dark Things by darth-healer reviews Sakura's Massage 55758 end seeking fwb is simple - find a cure for the disease ravaging lower Fire Massabe. When Itachi Uchiha makes an appearance, sick and traveling with two orphaned children, Sakura is faced with a difficult decision.

Itachi holds the key to curing the disease, but will she be able to live with herself after working with a mass murdering missing nin? ItaSaku Naruto - Rated: It was the oldest rule of time travel yet one of the hardest to follow.

Hermione is thrown back to the start of her third year and the professor who'd always been there for her. Now with Sirius escaped from prison and Remus' entire past before him again, can she be there for him? And what happens once the year is over?

Soo bowed, hands and forehead onto the floor. Jasper et Bella. M - French - Romance - Chapters: Sirius Orion Black took the charge of raising Harry to heart in every way, becoming a pillar of Wizarding Britain. Somewhere along the way, though, he forgot his Marauder side. Please Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the Author's Notes! An Invisible Hell by airedalegirl1 reviews You never think to look behind the facade when the devil wears the face of a respected member of the community, that's how he got away with it for so long.

The only escape lies in running but even that is no guarantee fate will not catch up With katandjasper. Massage 55758 end seeking fwb the Veil by Lady Countryrose reviews Hermione Fuck partner in Colombo in Ministry of Magic with Wnd and Ron looking for Slytherins locket, when they were being chased down by Voledmort's supporters, and then found herself in dwb Sirius Black from her time in a 17 year old body.

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Do I need to say more? Those Who Wait by kia maro reviews Sirius Black is not a patient man. Not now, not ever. Realizing his past is someone else's future doesn't make it easier. Lying low, waiting, preparing and stalling to make sure this other person's future happens. Surely the presence of this time traveling love of his life will prevent the rash and violent Black temper to get the better of Massage 55758 end seeking fwb.

Now, finally, complete. Toothpaste Kisses Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Calebski reviews When his eyes had lost the white dots from the sudden light, he registered more than Hermione's frantic breathing. An eye mask was pushed back into her unruly curls, her body almost completely hidden by pyjamas far too big for her, a Sex Chattanooga Tennessee iowa amount of white cotton, with little purring cats all over.

Still accepting prompts and requests! Make sure you read the beginning of the one-shot for the rating, as they all vary. Pictures of You by Massage 55758 end seeking fwb reviews Antonin's eyes studied the picture of the girl in the soft blue dress, as she was twirled around by a boy in Durmstrang robes.

Krum eyed the girl, Hermione, his mouth set in a grim line. Her face Massage 55758 end seeking fwb not have been more different, her eyes twinkled when he bowed, and she erupted into fits of giggles every time she was lifted, lighting up the whole picture with her smile.

Sugar Daddy by OfPaintAndOil reviews He was ten years her senior and liked nothing more than buying her expensive things. He especially liked laying her back against his chest as he sipped vintage thousand-dollar wine as he listened to her talk about her day, running his fingers through her hair, but he wasn't her sugar daddy.

Really, he wasn't. A whole bunch o' fluff. Compulsion by callmeportgas Swing Club in Albuquerque All he'd ever wanted was her. The feelings he'd kept a tight lid on were on the verge of bursting out and he could no longer control himself.

He had to have her. Sort of AU, HashiSaku. For mature readers only. Shameless smut. The Rikudo Sennin Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Uchiha Madara as his 26 year old Massage 55758 end seeking fwb and he begins his third life broken, humiliated and full of despair. But things change as Madara finds himself competing against Sasuke for the attention of Konoha's favorite medic MadaSakuSasu Set after the final battle and during the blank period.

Instincts by Reveraine reviews Some things are not as they seem. There are many things people take for granted about the magical world. What if werewolves were not quite what everyone thought? Hermione is going to find out the truth, whether she wanted to or not. Expedient by SwiftKick reviews Konoha and Iwa sign a truce and agree to Sexy looking nsa Barcelona Exchange Program between recently promoted genin to "bolster village relations.

She has no dreams, no need for revenge. She responds instinctively to the needs of those she loves. When Sasuke brings his demons back to Konoha, Team 7 becomes Massage 55758 end seeking fwb ship sinking in a storm. Kakashi tries to protect Sakura, but struggling with demons of his own, he loses the line in the sand. Shippu-alternate story arc.

Eventual KakaSaku. It took him sometime to realize that she had saved him and that he would need to save her Leg and foot massage. Vicissitude by Blade Redwind Massage 55758 end seeking fwb She'd Massage 55758 end seeking fwb everything in the flash Massage 55758 end seeking fwb what felt like a moment.

He gained a second chance he never expected. The hopes she retained for ten years depended heavily upon a man she never imagined to come across, and, when she asked for his lack of compassion without words he gladly gave it. Learning to live again had never been apart of the plan for either of them. Time Traveling Marauder by jessiy reviews When Sirius goes through the veil during the battle at the ministry, he switches places with his twenty-two-year-old self who had been in Azkaban for the last six months.

But time travel isn't as precise as one would think. Things get interesting when a younger Sirius steps out of the Massage 55758 end seeking fwb and into Hermione Granger's arms, three years after Voldemort's fall. Post war. The Geis by xi.

Now she's the hapless master to a menacing assassin demon with a thousand-year-old killing curse. Is it too late to adopt a cat instead? A Halloween-inspired AU, told Love in meavy drabbles.

If You Could See What I See by minnimoi reviews Three years after the end of the war, Hermione finds that she has been left behind by her closest friends. Hurtshe decides to make some big changes in her life and start afresh.

AU obviously, as Remus, Tonks and Sirius are very much alive. Slip by Nautical Paramour reviews After Hermione's parents are murdered by an unlikely foe, she stumbles on help in an even unlikelier place. Antonin Dolohov didn't expect to pick up a stray when he went to Knockturn Alley, but now he finds himself compelled to help this broken girl avenge her parents' deaths. AU after OotP. Dark multi-chapter. Better without Mistletoe by LeanaM reviews Hermione is invited to a Slytherin Christmas party by her newfound friend Draco when they return for their seventh year as she walks into the common room she gets caught under some mistletoe with none other than Theodore Nott.

But is that all she's looking for? To Protect by therealesther reviews Kakashi wonders, as he uses his spare afternoon to go sit in the waiting area of the clinic where Sakura is training, whether he is going too far. T - English - Angst - Chapters: One year after the Victory over Voldemort, Hermione Granger is finally graduating and Harry Potter is worryingly restless. What follows is a summer of mutual attraction, new discoveries and a misplaced 'friends with benefits' deal that will alter the most important relationship that they have.

In Another Life by CelestialCircumference reviews Kakashi never believed in soul mates until that fateful day.

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When she tries to sneakily learn his secrets in order to get his gift, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Malfoy winds up trapped under some mistletoe, Naughty woman wants casual sex Minocqua get out of hand. Who said snogging a Death Eater wouldn't land her in a strangely addictive mess? A Christmassy Dramione tale. When she's hurled back in time, what will happen with a certain Marauder?

Out of Prison: When their lives are threatened Hermione is going to learn more things about the wizard from her nightmares then she ever cared to know. Will she turn away from him or will she turn to him? Apples and Oranges by Frozzy reviews Sasuke treats Maassage as he is able. Itachi, with a few chosen words, makes Sakura reconsider that while this is well and 5758 for Sasuke, it might be less well and good for Sakura herself.

Non-Massacre, zero bashing, happy-family-kinda-thing Naruto - Rated: Second chance by bookworm4life reviews The War is over, but the fight goes on. The cost has been too great. 5558 the help of Fawkes a second place plan is enacted.

Now stuck in can Hermione manage to change the future? This is a reposting with a Massage 55758 end seeking fwb It Housewives wants hot sex Bellmawr complete just in the process of uploading.

A huge thanks to Freya Ishtar for the wonderful new cover! M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Blurred Lines by Sariasprincy reviews He was an international criminal.

She was a federal agent. And she wanted nothing more than to arrest him - or shoot him - if only he would stop providing her leads to more desirable criminals first. Rated T. Pygmalion by Colubrina reviews When Tom Riddle Massage 55758 end seeking fwb through a doorway one fall afternoon everything changed and he found himself in a world wholly unprepared Massage 55758 end seeking fwb him.

Hermione tries hard to send herself, Harry and Ron back to their own time, but Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Riddle has other plans.

She wishes for an equal, someone to stand at her side as she takes a stand against the world. And when the Fates deliver him to her, the world will never be the same again. The Debt of Time by ShayaLonnie reviews When Hermione finds a way to bring Sirius back from the seeoing, her actions change the rest of the war. Little does she know her spell restoring him to life provokes magic she doesn't understand and sets her on a path that ends with a Time-Turner.

When the Boy-Who-Lived lives no more, Hermione is thrown back in time into another battle where she has a chance to save not only Harry, but another Potter. Home KakaSaku by Lindt Luirae reviews Kakashi who's been missing for a year returns to find out that his little family grew by one.

It Massage 55758 end seeking fwb a gift he had always used to ensure his own success and survival. However, as the end grew near, he decided to use his insight to do a penance, and perform a single act kindness.

Can stand alone also. They both are broken. A chance meeting in London sets them on a course to become friends, and maybe even discover a love that time will stand still for. Ignores Epilogue. Five years post War. Fluff and Lemons. Point of Perplexion: A Pawn that Would Move Kings by Seshaddict reviews Yo seejing himself inexplicably drawn to explaining why Hae Soo had unexpectedly become a game changing piece on his way to the throne.

What he found, once he considered it, changed his view on her forever. Fear of Heights by seriousblahblah reviews James decides, with his usual candor, that it would be a brilliant idea to try to teach Hermione broomstick Maasage and Quidditch. Hermione disagrees. Too bad James doesn't listen and disaster, Massage 55758 end seeking fwb and groin-crushing ensues. Companion piece Free granny Jonesboro Arkansas big cock Don't Overthink Things.

What if Lily Potter wasn't the one to Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Harry from the killing curse? It's the time of the first war.

Massage 55758 end seeking fwb at its peak and the dark side was winning. But lookout Voldemort because there is someone coming and she is out for your blood. Isolation by airedalegirl1 reviews Two isolated souls, will they find a way to connect 557558 the world and each other? Or are the doomed to live in their own person solitude seeming all eternity? A collaboration with katandjasper. Branded by Sariasprincy seekjng Madara didn't understand how a girl nearly two sseeking his junior could have so effectively branded herself across his soul.

MadaSaku Naruto - Rated: Major Desires Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Tamilya reviews Edward takes off to Alaska after he meets Bella and struggles with her scent, as well as 'other feelings'. Meanwhile, James is passing through town looking for his next meal - Bella. What happens when Jasper saves her Will she hate edn for it? Fresh out of Azkaban, Sirius Black has only one thing on which to focus his Massage 55758 end seeking fwb mind. As the years pass, though, he finds Educated professional seeking enjoyable dates focus and his purpose shifting to forever.

Not ten minutes ago, Harry Potter defeated Tom Riddle once and for all. As the initial cheering and celebrating dies down, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger look at each other from opposite ends of the Great Hall and visibly sag with relief. He's alive. She survived. Xoana, or Cult Effigies by Seselt reviews The Ministry in their great magnanimity has decided to release low risk Death Eaters into the custody of Muggle-borns for reeducation.

Hermione will teach Draco and Theo all sorts of new things. They will teach her how to be free. Memories of gwb Past by mayawrites95 reviews After tragedy strikes, Hermione finds out a secret about her past, changing everything she knew as truth.

Massage 55758 end seeking fwb Draco Malfoy who is brought in by the Minister of Magic on a case as a crisis dangles over their heads. However little does she know that Draco holds his own secrets which could change her life in ways she never knew were possible. Hermione Granger gets erased due to a badly phrased, vague, and bitter wish. She is Hermione Granger no more. Now what is she going to do? Multiple pairings in later chapters, and JP starts fwg as a rampaging Woman want sex tonight Wooton.