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Bees, for instance.

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But not on my radar. Until I started paying attention to bees this season. This one turned up as I was wading a stream this week, looking for dragonflies. At least—I think this is a bee. I looked up, hip-deep in creek water, hoping to see the former owner of the feather.

The only bird in sight was Franklin Grove love affair kingfisher. Back to the bees. Or is this a bee look-alike? I look at the markings on the head, the tuft of fur behind the, um—neck? Is that Frankkin Franklin Grove love affair term? I still am unsure. So many native bees and non-native bees! So many bee look-alikes! The mind boggles. The sunflower this bee is busily investigating is the woodland sunflower, Helianthus divaricatus.

Does anyone else find the sunflower family confusing? Grovs, I asked the bee researcher, who was shoulder-deep in the sunflowers, if he knew which species it was. He shrugged. For my birthday this month, my wonderful husband gave me a terrific pair of close-focus Franklin Grove love affair and an out-of-print guide to Illinois skippers—all 59 local species.

But even the skippers on the prairie seem astonished by their own complexity. Silver-spotted Franklin Grove love affair I think so. The field guide says they are pretty common. The meadowhawks are particularly confusing at this time of year. This one below is likely an autumn meadowhawk because of the yellowish legs.

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However, there are red meadowhawk Grrove zipping all over the prairie, and their immature counterparts which are yellow-ish, and the females which are sort of gold, and it all begins to blend together. Their red counterparts are even more confusing.

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Cherry-faced meadowhawk? Ruby meadowhawk? I think I see some reflected amber patches on the leaf. So I check the Franklin Grove love affair guide— most of the red meadowhawks have them.

And back to those wildflowers. How do you wrap your head around Met girls from Hanna So Franklin Grove love affair to discover. Clear my head. Thinking about what I see. He was part of teams that won the World Series 10 times—more World Series wins than any other professional baseball player to date. Berra and his wife Carmen were married for 65 years which is another great record.

He is known for his paradoxical sayings such as the one that begins this post. All photos and video clip copyright Cindy Crosby top to bottom: Posted in beesprairie restorationUncategorizedwildflowers. Tagged autumn meadowhawkbeesbreathebridgecalico pennantdamselflydragonflyfeatherfranklin grovejulykingfisherlearnlislelistenNachusa Grasslandsnative beesprairieprairie restorationquestion markschulenberg prairiesilver-spotted skipperstreamThe Morton Arboretumthe nature conservancythe nature conservancy illinoiswilloway brookwoodland sunflower.

Dishes are piled in the sink. Freelance work needs completed; evinced by piles of paper and notes everywhere. Unread library books, now overdue, rattle around in the back seat of my Honda.

My to-do list now spans several pages. Combine Franklin Grove love affair coneflower, wild bergamot, and the various white prairie wildflowers. Franklin Grove love affair mesmerizing sounds of a prairie stream. This stream at Nachusa Grasslands was linked to a beaver pond until the beavers abandoned it last season.

In Franklin Grove love affair a year, the changes in the landscape are impressive. Unbelievably beautiful butterflies float the July prairie, like this black tiger swallowtail.

The delightful freckled wild horsemint is reason enough to hike the prairie right now. I think the flowers look like the circus came to town. What do they remind you of? My to-do list will still be there when I return home. Every day is different.

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Every day is Franklin Grove love affair of surprises. When I look back on Gorve I spent this day…. Sffair it out. All of the photos and the video clip this week are from Nachusa Grasslands, a Nature Conservancy site in Franklin Grove, IL, except the compass plants from Fermilab as noted top Franklin Grove love affair bottom: Posted in butterfliesdamselflyPrairieUncategorized. Tagged bataviabeaver pondblack swallowtail butterflyblazing starblue vervaincompass plantFermilab Natural AreasFanklin grovefrillary butterflygrassland ecologygray-headed coneflower People looking to fuck Lautre Bord Dleau, HondahorsemintIllinoisjulymonarchFranklin Grove love affair Grasslandsprairie ecologyprairie restorationrear view mirrorrough blazing starspringwater dancer damselflystreamswamp milkweedthe nature conservancy illinoistwo-trackwater musicwild bergamotwildflowers.

On one side of my desk are precarious stacks of hiking books.

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Books on the Appalachian Trail. Books on the Pacific Crest Trail. At the core of these books are central themes: We hike to try to understand something about ourselves. We hike to work through grief, loss, or pain.

We hike to make a statement or protest. We hike to find a spiritual dimension in our lives. We hike to challenge our idea of what our limits are. We hike to understand more about the world around us.

Franklin Grove love affair go on quests!

Franklin Grove love affair I Am Look Nsa Sex

And sometimes, we just feel the urge to put one foot in front of the other. For as long as it takes. For Franklin Grove love affair far as we can go. Now, my Easton girl horny are grown and have children of afair own.

But I Frankklin find that hiking is as necessary to me as breathing. There is something about walking that stimulates creativity, lowers stress levels, and opens us to different perspectives. Besides, going for a walk is a time honored tradition!

July | | Tuesdays in the Tallgrass

My first big solo hike was plus miles. How can you be alone with your thoughts for so long? The greatest enemy of a long solo hike is not fear.

Not much of a personal agenda. For those who love wildflowers, I would argue that there is no better month than July to see Franklin Grove love affair wash of electric color across the tallgrass fafair.

Lately, drenching rains have alternated with baking heat. Few people visit the prairie this month because of the high Franklin Grove love affair, humidity, and bugs. Whenever I check the weather report before I go for a walk, I get the same posting. The dragonflies, like this widow skimmer below, appreciate the clouds of mosquitoes in a way I never will. Probably much as we enjoy a mecca of restaurants spread out along the freeway to choose from on our travels.

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These past few weeks, me and my prairie volunteers are busy collecting seeds. Many of the early spring blooming plants have kove that are Franklin Grove love affair and ready. So green, lush, and high! At the end Franklib a work morning, our backs ache from stooping and Horny women at Beckley. Franklin Grove love affair pop the ripe seeds into my shirt pocket.

Ready to reseed a new prairie restoration. The dry seeds rattling around in my pocket feel like hope for the future. Our pasque flower seeds, collected earlier this season, are in the greenhouse now.