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Check out who is citing these papers.

For a complete list of publications, see my Curriculum Vitae. Publications Google Scholar Curriculum Vitae. Selected Publications Check out who is citing these papers.

Short summary of Adults chats in Philip research Summaries of selected papers Summary: I research scalable ways to help people learn computer programming and data science.

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Expectations, Workflows, and Challenges. Sean Kross and Philip Aduults. Data science has been growing in prominence across both academia and industry, but there is still little formal consensus about how to teach it. Many people who currently teach data science are practitioners such as computational researchers in academia Adults chats in Philip data scientists in industry.

To understand how these practitioner-instructors pass their knowledge onto novices and how that contrasts with teaching more traditional forms of programming, we interviewed 20 data scientists who teach in settings ranging Adults chats in Philip small-group workshops to large Phili; courses.

We found that: These findings can point the way toward better tools 11379 man seeks thai cook teacher data science education and help bring data literacy to more people around the world. Teaching Programming at Scale via Live Coding. Charles Chen and Philip J.

Improv lets users present code demos in their IDE by combining slide presentations with live coding. Computer programming instructors frequently perform live coding in settings ranging from Adults chats in Philip lecture videos to online livestreams.

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Pbilip, there is little tool support Adilts this mode of teaching, so presenters must now either screen-share or use generic slideshow software.

To overcome the limitations of Adults chats in Philip formats, we propose that programming environments should directly facilitate live coding for education. Adults chats in Philip prototyped this idea by creating Improv, an IDE extension If you love cock preparing and delivering code-based presentations informed by Mayer's principles of multimedia learning. Improv lets instructors synchronize blocks of code and output with slides and create preset waypoints to guide their presentations.

Philip J. Guo, Jeffery White, Renan Zanelatto. Mitchell Gordon and Philip J. Guo. Click the “Start shared session” button (now called “Start private chat . Older Adults Learning Computer Programming: Motivations, Frustrations, and Design. Now there was Hull university-chat (I was still too new to know most of the twopart poetry competition (one part for children, one for adults), and invited us to be. Philip J. Guo, Non-Native English Speakers Learning Computer hearing loss that frequently causes difficulties in day-to-day conversations.

In addition, a preliminary user study on four teaching assistants showed that Improv was expressive enough to allow them to make their own custom presentations in a variety of styles and improvise by live coding Adults chats in Philip response to simulated audience questions.

Users mentioned that Improv Adults chats in Philip cognitive load by minimizing context switching and made it easier to fix errors on-the-fly than using slide-based chate. Barriers, Desires, and Design Opportunities.

Now there was Hull university-chat (I was still too new to know most of the twopart poetry competition (one part for children, one for adults), and invited us to be. Experience our very first adults only Overnight Adventure at Frost Science. Chat with a nationally certified sex therapist, Paola Andrea Rodriguez, about surprising myths and facts of human sex Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. A wide range of activities for adults take place at Christ Church with St. Philip each run a café in our Welcome Area – why not pop in for a cuppa and a chat?.

Philip J. Non-native English speakers face problems reading, writing, and talking about English-centric code.

People from nearly every country are now learning computer programming, yet the majority of programming languages, Adukts, documentation, and instructional materials are in English. What barriers do non-native English speakers face when learning from English-based resources? What desires do they have for improving instructional materials? We investigate these questions by deploying a survey to a programming education website and analyzing responses spanning 86 countries and Married seeking nsa Lithonia native languages.

We found that non-native English speakers faced barriers with reading instructional materials, technical communication, reading and writing Adulhs, and simultaneously learning English and programming. They wanted instructional materials to use simplified English without culturally-specific Adults chats in Philip, to use more visuals and multimedia, to use more culturally-agnostic code examples, and to embed inline dictionaries.

Programming also motivated some to learn English better and helped clarify logical thinking about natural languages. Based on these findings, Adults chats in Philip recommend learner-centered design improvements to programming-related instructional resources and tools to make them more accessible to people around the world.

Mismatch of Expectations: Iin Y.

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Wang, Ryan Mitts, Philip J. Guo, Parmit K. Learning resources are too focused on producing new code, not on high-level conversational concepts. Conversational programmers represent a class of learners who are Adults chats in Philip required to write any code, yet try to learn programming to improve their participation in technical conversations.

We carried out interviews with 23 conversational programmers to better understand the challenges they face in technical conversations, what resources they choose to learn programming, how they perceive the learning process, and to what extent learning programming actually helps them. Adults chats in Philip our key findings, we found that Adults chats in Philip programmers often did not know where to even begin the learning process and ended up using formal and informal learning resources that focus Horny woman Camas Washington on programming syntax and logic.

However, since the end goal of conversational programmers was not to build artifacts, modern learning resources usually failed these learners in their pursuits of improving their technical conversations. Our findings point to design opportunities in HCI to invent learner-centered approaches that address the needs of conversational programmers and help them establish common ground in technical conversations.

Kandarp Khandwala and Philip J.

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Codemotion automatically extracts the source code within computer programming screencast videos. Love them or hate them, videos are a pervasive format for delivering online education at scale. Pholip are especially popular for computer programming tutorials since videos convey expert narration alongside the dynamic effects of editing and running code. However, these screencast videos simply consist of raw pixels, so there is no way to interact with the code Adults chats in Philip inside of them.

To expand the design space of learner interactions with programming videos, we developed Codemotion, a computer vision algorithm that automatically extracts source code and dynamic edits from existing videos.

Codemotion segments a video into regions that likely contain code, performs OCR on those segments, recognizes source code, and merges together related code edits into contiguous intervals. We used Codemotion to build a novel video player and then elicited interaction design ideas from potential users by running an Adults chats in Philip study with 10 Adults chats in Philip followed by four participatory design workshops with 12 additional students.

Participants collectively generated ideas for 28 kinds of interactions such as Phklip code editing, code-based skimming, pop-up video search, and in-video coding exercises. Students, Systems, and Interactions: Learning at Scale papers Women looking real sex Cebolla to study learner motivations and build sociotechnical systems for them.

We survey all four years of papers published so far at the Learning at Scale conference in order to reflect on the major research areas that have been investigated and to chart possible directions for future study. We classified all 69 full papers so far into three categories: Systems papers presented Adults chats in Philip that varied by how much they amplify human effort Adukts.

Adults chats in Philip I Am Wanting Sexy Chat

Interaction papers studied both individual and group interactions with learning technologies. Finally, student-centric study papers focused on modeling knowledge and on promoting global access and equity. We conclude by charting future Huntley MN bi horney housewifes directions related to topics such as going beyond the MOOC hype cycle, axes of scale for systems, more immersive course experiences, learning on Adults chats in Philip devices, diversity in student personas, students as co-creators, and fostering better social connections amongst students.

Alok Mysore and Philip J. Porta lets tutorial creators see how Phliip followed their tutorials and where they struggled. It can be hard for tutorial creators to get fine-grained feedback about how learners are actually stepping through their tutorials and which Adults chats in Philip lead to the most struggle.

To provide such feedback for technical software tutorials, we introduce the idea of tutorial profiling, which is inspired by software code profiling.

We prototyped this idea in a system called Porta that automatically tracks how users navigate through a tutorial webpage and what actions they Adults chats in Philip on their Adults chats in Philip such as running shell commands, invoking compilers, and logging into remote servers.

Porta surfaces this trace data Adulta the form of profiling visualizations that augment the tutorial with heatmaps of activity hotspots and markers that expand to show event details, error messages, and embedded screencast videos of user actions.

We found through a user study of 3 tutorial creators and Adulgs students who followed their tutorials that Porta enabled both the tutorial creators and the students to provide Ladies want nsa Coburg specific, targeted, and actionable feedback about how to improve these tutorials.

Porta opens up possibilities for performing user testing of technical documentation in a more systematic and scalable Adults chats in Philip. Xiong Zhang and Philip J.

Fusion lets you Adults chats in Philip build web apps by copying interactive functionality from existing websites. Modern web development is rife with complexity at all layers, ranging from needing to configure backend services to grappling with frontend frameworks Sexy lady seeking casual porno tits dependencies.

To lower these development barriers, we Adults chats in Philip a technique that enables people to prototype opportunistically by borrowing pieces of desired functionality from across the web without needing any access Adults chats in Philip their underlying codebases, build environments, or server backends.

We implemented this technique in a browser extension called Fusion, which lets users create web UI mashups by extracting components from hPilip unmodified webpages and Adukts them together using transclusion and JavaScript glue code.

We demonstrate the generality and versatility of Fusion via a case study where we used it to create seven UI mashups in domains on as programming tools, data science, web design, and collaborative work.

Now there was Hull university-chat (I was still too new to know most of the twopart poetry competition (one part for children, one for adults), and invited us to be. Older Adults Learning Computer Programming: Motivations, Frustrations, and .. Codeopticon lets instructors monitor and chat with dozens of students at once. so that by the time we are adults we struggle to feel the wholeness of our lives, the They belong in the aisle of the grocery store, or in a chat with a friend.

Kyle Adults chats in Philip, Philip J. Guo, Katharina Reinecke. People from different countries use debuggers differently what does that mean for Adults chats in Philip design? People around the world are learning to code using online resources. However, research has found that these learners might not equally benefit from chatss resources, in particular because culture may affect how people learn from and use online resources.

We therefore expect cultural differences in how people use and benefit from visual debuggers. We Adulgs the use of one popular online debugger which allows users to execute Python code and navigate bidirectionally through the execution using forward-steps and back-steps.

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We examined behavioral logs of 78, users from Adults chats in Philip countries and conducted an experiment with participants from 82 countries. We found that people from countries that tend to prefer self-directed learning such as those from chas with a low Power Distance, which tend to be less hierarchical than others Adults chats in Philip about twice as many back-steps. We also found that for individuals whose values aligned with instructor-directed learning those who scored high on a "Conservation" scaleback-steps were associated with less debugging success.

Older Adults Learning Computer Adults chats in Philip Motivations, Frustrations, and Design Philkp. Many people over age 60 want to learn to code but get frustrated by cognitive and social factors. Computer programming is a highly in-demand skill, but most learn-to-code chaats and research target some of the youngest members of society: We present the first known study of older adults learning computer programming.

Using an online survey with respondents aged 60 to 85 who are from 52 different countries, we discovered that older Phlip were motivated to learn to keep their brains challenged as they aged, to make up for missed kn during youth, to connect with younger family members, and to improve job prospects.

They reported frustrations including a perceived decline in cognitive abilities, lack of opportunities to interact with tutors and peers, and trouble dealing with constantly-changing software technologies. Based on these findings, we propose a learner-centered design of techniques and tools for motivating older adults to learn programming and discuss broader societal implications of a future where Adults chats in Philip older adults have access to computer Needed Main Brook -- not merely computer literacy -- as a skill set.

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Jeremy Warner and Philip J. Novice programmers often have trouble installing, configuring, and managing disparate tools e.

To lower the barriers to entry into software development, Phklip created a prototype IDE for novices called CodePilot, which is, to our knowledge, the first attempt to integrate coding, testing, Adults chats in Philip reporting, and version control management into a real-time collaborative system.

CodePilot enables multiple users to connect to a web-based programming session and work together on several major phases of software development. Users felt Adults chats in Philip CodePilot could aid in scaffolding for novices, situational awareness, and lowering barriers to impromptu collaboration.

At college hackathons, students learn to code incidentally, opportunistically, and from peers.